Introduce yourself… ‘Okay’

Hey hey

So I wasn’t really sure what to blog about for my first post, so I thought I’d start super fresh by introducing myself and my blog vision.

First of all my name is Annie, I’m a 22 year old Australian. I’ve lived a fairly standard life, grew up on the farm with my three siblings, went to boarding school at the closest town (which mind you, was only 30mins away), went to university in Sydney for a Bachelor of Oral Health, gowned up and threw my cap, then moved back out to the country to start my career. Amidst all of that, I’ve realised that I have a real itch for discovering and exploring new places and meeting new people. Those who know me well know that I am, by every definition, a hands-on and visual learner, so the only way for me to really understand the world and all it has to offer is to live it and experience it for myself, and thats exactly what I plan to do.

I began Wanderer from Aus as a platform to share my experiences and avoid blocking up my personal social media pages… friends and family can thank me later… because just between you and me, I have some pretty big and exciting plans lined up for 2017. So on here you can expect to find a whole range of things from photos (taken on my iphone or go pro like a true amateur) to handy hind-sights and all sorts of encounters with faces and places that I find along my way.

Oh and be prepared for a whole heap of throw back posts until I’m prepared to start my next adventure. To finish, If you’ve made it this sentence… THANK YOU… for giving me your time, hopefully you’ve enjoyed the read. Stay tuned for what’s next, I promise plenty of photos, stories and chocolate*.

Bye for now

Annie Charlotte xx

Ps. head over to my instagram for a bit of a stalk of my latest adventures.

*Okay, so I can’t promise any chocolate, but I wasn’t lying about of the other stuff xx

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