Melbourne ft. Penguin

Hey Hey

Over the next couple of months I’m going to be pretty quiet travel wise while I save up and prep myself for my next trip later in the year. Although I did manage to make it down to Melbourne for the weekend so lets talk about that, and while I’m at it I’ll introduce you to a pretty awesome fella.

I’ve been pretty slack with Melbourne really. I’ve definitely had plenty of connections there and despite currently living the closest I ever have to it, it did take a little bit of an incentive of reconnecting with a fellow Christmas cruise goer for me to finally make the trek down there for the weekend.

Now to be honest I didn’t really see too much of the Melbourne CBD, though from what I did see of Melbourne I think it’s a pretty spot on place. Although there is a fair chance that I could have bias results on this, due to the independent variable of pretty amazing company and on that note… If you have read my ‘about me’ section you would have noticed that my blog vision in tales sharing a bit about some of the characters that I meet along my way, and so to kick it off I’ll tell you a little about a guy I meet on board our recent cruise and just to add a little mystery well call him ahh…. Penguin.

Penguin and I met on the nightclub dance floor and started off by going to get a drink together… yeah yeah I know what you thinking but despite your cheeky assumptions…. and to our surprise, we both ordered water. From there we spent the rest of our sober night discussing anything and everything while we fairly efficiently learnt a lot about each other. We went through a sort of ’20 questions’ type of convo where, in true gentlemanly fashion he had very thought provoking and complicated life questions (he had obviously done this before) for example “what is your greatest achievement?”, which would then followed by me (who obviously had not done this before) retaliating with questions of a much lighter nature such as “what is your favourite colour?”… It’s neon blue if you were wondering.

Now I’ll give you a little run down on what I learnt about Penguin. He is a 21 year old in his fourth year of a Cable Joiner apprenticeship, which from what I gather he will come out as a sort of electrician for really big, high voltage things… My keen investigative senses also tell me that he probably joins cables together in some way. As much as he enjoys his apprenticeship, his true passion lies with his role in the army where he is in training for a Commando position within the Special Forces Unit, extremely admirable and you only need to speak with him for ten minutes to discover that this role is perfectly suited to him…. and if for some reason you don’t work it out for yourself then don’t worry because he will tell you, he is very impressively passionate about his role, and rightly so. Undoubtedly though, one of the main things to know about Penguin is that he comes as sort of a package deal, him and his brother are gorgeously inseparable to the point where they were confused as a couple more than once on the cruise.

Penguin and Rockie (again not a true name, short for his fav penguin the Northern Rockhopper) are very close in age and that’s about where it stops. These brothers are the truest example of opposites attract, because as vibrant as they are on their own they complement each other perfectly, with Penguin being a very intense, action packed, serious kind of bloke where as Rockie has a much softer nature, is easy going and has killer sense of humour. Their little duo lined up perfectly with that of mine and my cousins to make up our pseudo family over Christmas, spending most hours of the day together and then having dinner together each night.

From what I’ve told you, you would probably assume that Penguin would be very hands-on and competitive… in which you would be 100% accurate. I learnt this the hard way when I was completely swindled in a bean bag throwing competition. After playing for about 20mins of neither Penguin nor I really improving in our skills at all I decided to amp up the heat and proposed a competition, to which he agreed to on a first to 5 basis… Now, from the way we had been playing, this was going to take us all day. We set our wages and much like with our ’20-questions’, I went with the easy earnings of getting to spend all night on the dance floor if I won and he … as expected… went for much higher stakes where by if he won I had to organise our first post-cruise meet-up. With completely unbalanced outcomes I really stepped it up and put my game face on… which was a COMPLETE waste of energy in the end, as after he got a modest 4/5 on his first go I was goner and quickly realised that he was only pretending to bad prior… and hence Melbourne.

So as sour as I was over being deceived into a lose, I was fairly glad to finally have a bit of a push to get me down to Melbourne. We ended up having a fairly chill, but very enjoyable weekend doing the classic things like eating out too much and going to the movies. We did manage to make it into the city for a bit, although we didn’t make it past Fitzroy Gardens because it was really just to hot to be doing anything but taking it easy, so we climbed a tree (he obviously made it twice as high as I did) and then he napped while I ate watermelon. All in all, it was pretty great and now I can start to shake the guilt of having grown up in NSW and being yet to cross the Victorian border… although I still need to make it over to WA and SA before I can completely relax.

One more thing… You’re amazing.

Annie Charlotte xx

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