National Park-ing

National parks are extremely under-rated.

These are locations that a group of people have deemed special enough to conserve for future generations so you can pretty much guaranty that there is a hidden (or generally sign posted) beauty somewhere in the park. There is a vast abundance of flora and fauna with plenty of variation in exploration style. If you’re the guided track type of gal or guy then you are more than likely sorted and if you are an off the beaten track adventurer than this could be better than a theme park.


There’s always plenty to discover as each park is completely unique to the next

My most recent National Park expedition was on a drive home from visiting a friend. I saw a turn off sign to the park and had a few hours to kill so I followed it in. Being from a very hilly area and now living further towards central NSW it still amazes to get to the top of a summit to look out over complete flatness… like I’m talking flat flat… It blows my mind. Now, tensions were high in this park as its uniqueness happened to be that the population of spiders per 5m squared would have literally outnumbered the population of people in my entire hometown, there were legitimately everywhere and massive. Of course being in the middle of no where I had no phone service to google my arachno-friends though thankfully found out later that they were harmless… well harmless by Australian standards anyway, as in they will make you very ill but wouldn’t kill you.


It’s not the wisest idea to be going solo

Being ‘natural’ you never know what surprises you may come across and it’s pretty easy to find yourself in a position with no phone service and out of sight or earshot of anyone. Which happens to be one of the main highlights of National Park-ing although it does mean that you can get yourself in some sticky situations… ‘touch wood’ that I haven’t been stuck yet, although I try to stay pretty alert and to not push the limits to far in the parks, especially when I’m alone.


It’s a super cheap, easy adventure to go on

These parks are everywhere and for the most part… FREE. Of course there are parks where you do need to pay a small park entry, these are normally the ones that require more maintenance. If there is a fee though you know that it goes straight back to the park and it’s rangers so it’s worth it anyway.


It’s an awesome way to break away from the coffee date catch-ups

I’m all about spreading the love, although if there’s one thing I hate… it’s coffee (and tomatoes.. so two things). I genuinely wish that I liked coffee, I mean it smells amazing though I just cannot drink it. Hence, coffee catch-ups aren’t my scene, so if there is time for it I’d rather be out and about sharing an experience rather than a drink. National Parks are great because you have the little (or long) road trip there, then you continue the adventure by car or foot once you arrive, if you’re really keen you could even camp there.


If you aren’t already a National Park fanatic… why not?

Getting out and about, having a ball all while tricking your self into exercise…you beauty. Be wise though, try to stay on the safe side, go with a friend if you can or let someone know your plans, have plenty of water, know your (and your cars) limits, first aid knowledge isn’t a bad idea and take note of any areas you have phone service.


Happy Adventuring.

Annie Charlotte xx

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