Shout Out To The Terrible Savers

You know who you are. You are constantly having that battle between saving for the future and just living in the moment spending your money on memories and materials… and food, lots of food.


So here’s to the terrible savers of Y generation. The infants of the adult world, The ones that are old enough to stand on their own two feet though not quite wise enough to manage their finances.

The ones who wear their money, and the ones that drive it

The ones without FOMO but have no mo…

The ones living off noodles on weekdays to make up for the over priced café brunch on weekends

The ones saying ‘yes’ to whatever they want to say ‘yes’ to, and not living intermittently between spending and saving

The ones who are lions not squirrels, eating their prey as soon as they’ve caught it

The ones that tell themselves ‘Money is for trading not for possession… and besides I only have 17 other white tops’

Most importantly, the ones with no cash though plenty of memories in the bank


(Now I’m not one to exclude, so here’s a quick shout out to the ones that can’t relate to any of the above because your saving skills are savvier than the reject shop)

To all those shocking savers and super spenders out there, here’s your time to shine. So raise those empty wallets and full glasses because you’re doing a bang on job.

Annie Charlotte xx

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