Hey Hey

So if you’re connected to me on any social media accounts you might have worked out that I’ve hit the European continent, from my very subtle 500 photo/video drops. I’m not even sorry for the spam.

I kicked off my trip with a not so smooth flight to London, and a 12hr stop over in Dubai (it sounds worse than it was really). I finally arrived in London to the worst ‘hostel’ room you could ever imagine, so bad that it wasn’t actually a hostel although the spare bedroom in the house of the rudest man in the UK… actually the world. Although thanks to my ‘you beaut.’ Guardian angel I had spontaneously bought a SIM card at the airport. I very quickly called an Uber and rebooked at London backpackers where I linked up with my cousin. After an over-tired tantrum followed by a life changing shower and nap, my cousin and I headed to the tube and we were off to Camden for dinner with… well… another cousin (I have a lot of cousins).

First day in London was over and I was well truly ready for the longest and deepest sleep of my life… I got a shotty 3 hour nap instead. Despite lying in bed at 2:30am telling myself ‘Annie you’re tired. Yep. Go to sleep. You are tired, I promise’ I wasn’t tired; I was ready to… sit on facebook for 5hours. All good though, because I had the two best girls in London to keep me busy for the day. We spent the day walking and tubing our way around London, taking pictures and ‘worming’ in front of Buckingham palace while Prince Phillip throw in the towel for his retirement. Thank goodness for the patience of my two hero’s though who very patiently put up with me continuously asking ‘where are we again?’ as I roamed the streets in a sleepy daze.

Day two done, we had visited West Minster for a view of the London Eye and Big Ben, then around to the Buckingham Palace just in time for the changing of the guards, then out to the indie capital of London- Shoreditch, then over to Balham for a pub dinner with my cousins friend. This time I was sure I was ready for a proper sleep, and I was right. With my short though sweet London experience through, it was time to head off to the London Victoria Coach station for leg two of my 3 month eurotrip.

That being said, here are my tips for London:

  • Flying into Heathrow: Don’t be like Annie. Don’t only read the first line of the signs and get to front of the wrong passport check line… twice.
  • Uber-ing: Make sure to find the Uber pick-up zone before clicking confirm… or you might find yourself running through the airport with your giant backpack from terminal to terminal, to then miss your Uber anyway and get stuck outside the Wifi zone of the airport. Shout out to the couple that saved me with a hotspot here.
  • Accommodation: Really just book anywhere but 4 Bradshaw, Tower Hamlets and you’ll be sweet.
  • Drink: Hot chocolates at Costa are delicious… though a ‘regular’ size is actually the size of a bathtub*.
  • Food: Lets be honest, I pretty much just ate whatever was cheapest. Had a great ham and cheese toastie for lunch though. Another shout out; for the guy who paid for my lunch because I had no local cash yet.
  • Getting around: Oyster cards for the underground rail system are pretty much equivalent to the golden ticket in Willy Wonka.

Stay tuned.

Next stop: Bruges, Belgium


Annie Charlotte xx

*Okay so bathtub is an exaggeration, but it was really big!

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