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Out of UK in a bus, inside a train, inside the channel… yeah not what I expected when the bus driver said we would be getting on the train. Anyway a 6 hour bus journey later we were in Bruges, Belgium. A picturesque little town composed of cobble stoned streets, water canals and high steeples. Fun fact: The central steeple of Bruges is 83metres high and built in three segments over the 13-15th Century. The streets were filled with rich history and waffle vendors, both of which I couldn’t get enough of.

I had really been hanging out for Bruges, being a choco-holic (and I don’t use that word lightly) and all… and it did NOT disappoint. For my short stay in Bruges, I did a free walking tour where I connected with another traveller. We ended up spending most of the day together eating waffles and chocolate and hitting the sites, including a secret garden and endless canals and heritage hotspots, and then accidentally out into the suburban area after we trusted our inner GPS to get us the windmills… turns out we aren’t as good as Siri.

Over the course of the day we educated ourselves on the extensive Bruges history, so here’s what I learnt. Bruges is REALLY old and even more interesting, originally being a busy trading centre and very wealthy town, though after holding hostage a high roller of the earlier centuries they got themselves in the bad books in terms of having new projects approved by the ruler at the time, which lead to a down fall and a bit of recession… Sorry for getting so technical there. Now-a-days Bruges is a popular tourist destination, and for good reason. Every corner of this city holds a story and selfie opportunity, which I very much took advantage of.

Tips for Bruges

  • Accommodation: St Christophers Inn is a pretty happening hostel, though the swans seemed to liked camping by the canals (not a real option)
  • Free walking tour: I would highly recommend the ‘legends of Bruges’ free walking tour. Our guide Louis was a gem.
  • Food: ‘Oyya’ is were you can find an extremely delicious waffle, and Charlies Chocolate shop is were you can find amazing.. wait for it… chocolate!
  • Getting around: Walking is great or you could join the push bike parade that seems to travel through each street.


Next Stop: Amsterdam, Netherlands

Annie Charlotte xx


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