Czech this out…

Hey Hey

Just on the cusp of two weeks in Europe I hit Prague, Czechia… previously Czech republic. The city of Prague was amazing but I also had the guilty pleasure of a sauna and pool in the hostel I was staying at… A massive step up from the cement cell I stayed in in Amsterdam. So I started off pretty relaxed with a traditional Czech meal of Goulash and Potato (it had a more impressive name though I’ve forgotten it) and then back to the hostel to take advantage of our budget spa.

When I eventually made it outside the hostel block, I headed off for the free walking tour around town (as usual). The guide took us through most of Old Town and the historical sights, leaving us to fend for ourselves by Charles Bridge. From there a little group of us that had met in Berlin made our way up and around Prague Castle, through St Vitus cathedral, past the John Lennon wall and then back down to Old Town for the number 2 most over-rated tourist attraction (apparently) in Europe, being the astronomical clock display… yeah okay, it was pretty subtle though I’m easily amused, so I still thought it was impressive given it was created in the 15th century.

Day two of two was again filled with a lot of walking around. We headed up and up and up to Strahov Monastery and the associated mirror maze, after a detour where-by I put us on a terminating tram going the wrong direction. Via Charles Bridge and a Trdelnik (not a spelling mistake) stop over, we then spent the afternoon hanging out at Letna Beer Garden overlooking the city with the boiz. Now, this place is fairly special as it’s where I BOUGHT MY FIRST BEER… it was a pilsner and it was absolutely foul. My spirit unscathed I soldiered on and bought a second round, though I made it a Kozel which was a little more drinkable. A step in the right direction though I’m yet to the hit the milestone of finishing a whole beer, but I’ll get there, beer-by steps.

A little unsuccessful with the drink, I decided to take on the food scene. So naturally we got Italian for our last night in town. To be fair though, we did keep it more traditional earlier in the day with the second dose of trdelnik, which is like an amazing donut-y cone covered in sugar and cinnamon.

Tips for Prague:

  • To do: join the thousands of tourist in Old Town, on Charles Bridge and Prague Castle
  • Food: TRDELNIK… have this all day, everyday*
  • Drink: not Pilsner…although?! peer pressure will veil and you’ll probably end up trying it anyway so maybe just drink it first and get it out of the way


Next stop: Cesky Krumlov, Czechia

Annie Charlotte xx

* I’m not a dietician so I don’t know for sure but it’s potentially not the best advice

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