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Oh my golly gosh. Strap yourself in, because I am about to tell you about one the most amazing little places that I have ever skipped on into. And yes, I did skip everywhere I went (slight exaggeration) and you would have to, as the town I’m talking about is good ol’ Cesky Krumlov. Complete with heritage listed homes, cobblestone streets, beautiful gardens and a castle manned by bears, this town is a medieval paradise.

I spent two nights in Krumlov although I could have stayed here forever. I spent the first afternoon on a… wait for it… free walking tour (how unlike me) and ended up in the heavenly castle gardens. After a long morning on the bus and then walking around all afternoon, followed by a giggle filled dinner, I was pretty keen for bed. Though my FOMO got the best of me when I connected with an avid traveller from Aus in the hostel, so I joined her and some others for a few rounds of cocktail roulette at a local bar followed by an Ed Sheeran sing along.

Having formed a little clan of solo travellers from the hostel, my one and only full day in Krumlov was sure to be one to remember. Starting with a horse ride that could be described as… well there are few words I could use to describe this, though we will keep clean with ‘underwhelming’. Not to worry though ’cause we hiked ourselves and our spirits back up the steepest hill in town and were on the quest for fried cheese. Yes! Fried… CHEESE, being a delicious breadcrumb coated slab of cheese, pretty well a toastie on steroids.

Alas, the day was not over. We’d had plenty to eat, but what about drink? We had to stay hydrated after all. So we took to rafting down the Vltava river with ciders and beers in czech. After a few not so suave descents down the little rapids it was smooth sailing and with a mix of American, Australian, New Zealander, British and German on board, the banter was on point for the two hour drift down stream. Not wanting to end our family day out we regrouped for dinner at the local vegetarian restaurant, where I went straight for desert with cranberry pancakes and ice cream, simultaneously I discovered that I don’t like cranberries all that much. Then we were off for yet another Ed Sheeran jam session AND THEN down to the bowling alley where all present got a strike… which includes ME! What a good day, no a great day, no no no an EXTRA-ORDINARY day.

The flawless mix of great weather and amazing company with the perfect environment to host them, Cesky Krumlov was my favourite stops so far.

What to Czech out in Krumlov:

  • To do: you HAVE to go rafting if the weather suits, it was amazing. Also, the walking tour was one of the best I’ve been on… and I’ve been on a lot.
  • Accommodation: Do not get me started on Krumlov House, this was my home away from home. So much love in such a small cottage. My favourite hostel, it was so beautiful and so unique.
  • Food: Fried cheese. Fried cheese. Fried cheese. Fried cheese.

Next stop: Munich, Germany

Annie Charlotte xx

Cesky Krumlov Family Photo

Cesky Krumlov Family Photo

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