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Lets get straight into like I did with Munich. Off the coach and straight into one of the many Augustiner Beer Halls for a bratwurst and beer. I had a Weissbier which is a wheat beer and I actually enjoyed it, it was a bit different tasting to the traditional beer flavour thankfully. You’re also probably wondering why Munich is munique, well let me tell you this. During the war Munich had over 70 air raids hit it so was very significantly Damageed… which might confuse you because all of the buildings look, well, really old. Though it is just an illusion because it all had to rebuilt, it was just rebuilt replicating what was there before.

I don’t think I’ve mentioned yet but I’ve been using a company called busabout to work my way around Europe. Which has made it super super easy to make friends along the way and our Munich family was a beauty. We spent the first full day touring the city by foot (yeah okay it was another free walking tour), exploring the old town and then off for lunch, beer and a geez at the ‘surfers’ in the English Gardens. Off to yet another beer stop at Hofbrauhaus just in time to escape the spontaneous hail storm, and also where one of our Krumlov family members caught up with us. Ending the day a bit hot and cold, with currywurst a local German restaurant and a brisk walk home in the very unexpected cold front.

Luckily we smashed out our Munich exploration in day one because day two was dedicated to a visit to Neuschwantein Castle. A castle designed and built by the ‘Mad King’ King Ludwig II and also the inspiration to the castle at the beginning of Disney movies… so aka my dream house as a child… and as a young adult. Located in the mountains of Oranienburg, just up from lake Schwangau then with the added aesthetic appeal of the castle, it was an amazing view… I did need to take a 2 hour train from Munich, hike myself up a small mountain and then fight my way through the crowd for a look at it… but more than worth it. By the time we made it back to Munich our blood was almost rid of beer and we were feeling nice and fit after the little hike… which felt super wrong. So we thought we’d better do something about it, and no better way then dinner and drinks at the Ned Kelly Australian bar. So we also got at a little taste of home while we were at it.

Munich to do’s:

  • To do: English Gardens were very chill and even nudest friendly. Hofbrauhaus which is the main ‘tourist’ beer hall was over-rated and the staff weren’t that keen on being there… check out any of the Augustiner halls instead
  • Food: any type of sausage will do, though they are known for the white sausage… which I didn’t try so have zero insight
  • Drink: If you’re not sure what to drink while in Germany then I don’t know if I can help you


Next stop: Salzburg, Austria

Annie Charlotte xx

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