Two Letters From Home

Hey Hey

If you didn’t work out from the title, I hit up AUSTRIA (ps I riddle now). It doesn’t take you long to realise that Salzburg is much more than the set of the Sound of Music. The Hohensalzburg Castle alone is enough to give this quaint little city a wow factor, then with the added beauty of Mirabell Palace, multiple stone fountains and the Kapuzinerkloster Monetary and associated gardens (thank gosh this is written piece because I have no idea how to say that) Salzburg is an absolute beauty. Oh and there’s more, Austria is home to the Schnitzel….which is pretty much my spirit food!

I spent most of my two days in Salzburg exploring solo. After working my way through the castle with the group I’d accumulated along the way, we then went on our own ways the next morning. I ventured to the Monastery gardens and spent the WHOLE day there and ate my sandwich on the walls of the gardens looking over the river and the castle… what a ripper, am I right?. The day did not go without a few hiccups though, I did fail down the stairs.. though I sprang right back up with my cat like reflexes and fear of social embarrassment. I also had to spend an awful amount of time setting my phone on timer to get an adequate selfie, though I was successful.. just check my Instagram!

Back with the group and for round one of many schnitzel dinners while in Austria. Where we also managed to snag a free dessert somehow, definitely not complaining, and this made it round three of apple strudel for me. Our little Salzburg journey was super short and extra sweet wrapping it up with a sound of music sing along with the gang and few happy snaps, and of course detouring via the playground for a play on the swings and slide along.

*Insert montage of the coach road trip/Aladdin sing along* and BAM I’m in Grunau. Welcomed into our cute and homey hostel by father figure Gerhard with a homemade lasagne and a smile. This was a super chill stop and where we had our first home cooked meals in a month! We actually got to eat green foods that weren’t artificially coloured… and it brought me to a very daunting realisation which is genuinely hard for me to admit but… okay… here goes… I miss veggies! That was really tough, thanks for supporting me through that. I feel better now it’s out in the open.

We took complete advantage of Grunaus chill vibes and really slowed ourselves down… literally as we walked or rode a bike everywhere. With filling our water bottles up straight from the stream, a stroll and a rock scramble to the waterfalls one day and a 40k round bike ride to Lake Almsee the next, we were back into touch with our inner woodland creatures. Much to my dismay our little Austrian adventure came to a close, finishing up our trip with another lasagne and hug from dad… oh ahh I mean Gerhard.. #Embarrassing

Don’t worry though… I’ll be back!!

Tips and tricks

  • To do: if you don’t sing at least one sound of music song while in Salzburg… well I wouldn’t be mad but ghee would I be disappointed. Also rent a bike while you’re at it, it’s super cute and fun.
  • Food: Weiner schnitzel and strudel … heart eyes emoji
  • Drink: Austrian white wine is legit! Gerhard or Ger-home (stole that joke from a travel companion)
  • Tricks: There are plenty rocks around that you can do a sick 360 off.


Next Stop: Krakow, Poland

Annie Charlotte xx

Ps… I hope you didn’t miss the subtle Arnie reference at the end there either.

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