Krakow, Poland

Hey Hey

I bet you thought I was going to do some sort of pun in the name like Krak-wow bbuuuttt its actually pronounced Krak-OV so that wouldn’t have made sense… ahh polish people and their fancy ‘v’ pronunciation of ‘w’… wery clewer guys. Anyways so I went to Krakow and even though it doesn’t rhyme I was completely WOW’d and I was completely caught off guard by this gem of a city and its beautiful old town.

As beautiful as the city is, what it is most associated with and maybe why I didn’t expect the beauty is the former concentration camps of Auschwitz and Auschwitz Birkenau. On a very serious note, I think it would very unenlightened to visit this region and not at least do a little research into or go on a day trip to these very emotional and shocking, though extremely grounding and educational historical sites. I definitely gained a lot from my visit and would recommend it 100%.

Along with the camps, Krakow has plenty of historical traits. With many world war significant stories and spots including the Shindlers factory as well as plenty of pre war history associated with the old town. I was more than blown away by the safe and positive vibe I felt while I was here and was completed taken out by their local dish of pierogi, which are little dumplings filled with deliciousness and love, or sometimes spinach and duck.

I also did my first European pub-crawl in the approx.. 4 weeks since I arrived… did some say party animal? yeah no I don’t think they did. Kicking off with an hour of power and then making our way through three dance floors, via McDonald’s twice, which was for sure the highlight of the night for me and I can now tick off the ‘macca’s in Europe’ box on my bucket list!

Also also also I have a confession to make… I became a bit of a kleptomaniac in Krakow… I may have stole a spoon from the hostel… and by ‘may have’ I mean ‘I did’ but it was sooo little and cute and I couldn’t not steal it! It was smaller than the size of my palm! Plus it was my way of getting back at the hostel for having the dirtiest bathrooms in the hostel world, despite me bringing it to there attention… twice! So sorry for taking your spoon guys, Ill look after it really well though.

Hot tips:

  • Food: as I said pierogi is super delicious! Although all polish food is delicious and super hearty!
  • To do: Auschwitz was an absolute must and I think it should be for everyone. I would highly recommend doing it as a tour as well. On a different spectrum, you can also checkout the markets through the centre of old town for some really cute hand made jewellery and sorts.


Next stop: Bratislava, Slovakia

Annie Charlotte xx


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