“Hi Hungary, I’m Dad”: Every Dad Ever

Hey Hey

As sad I was to be leaving the last of my Austrian locations, Budapest was a worthy follow-up. Arriving in town at 9pm we were straight off to check out the ‘ruin bars’. Being establishments that have bypassed renovation cost of ruined building by decking out the rooms with collectables and graffiti, the grungier the better. Having set the tune, it was more than likely we would be in for a good time in Budapest.

Day one was filled with all of the touristy stuff. Taking the free walking tour around the hot spots of St Stephens Basilica, the Chain and Elisabeth Bridge, Buda Castle and finishing up at Matthias Church, we also gave parliament building a visit for some happy snaps. Today was also very much a foodie day, with the biggest salad I have ever seen for lunch, multiple flavours of homemade lemonade at a bar along the Danube and visiting a food truck market for dinner, then back to the ruin bar for a dance and warm up for the karaoke bar.

Sooo about karaoke! We trekked through the city in search of a karaoke club that ended up being less than 50m from where we started… there seems to be a happening trend of me misleading groups of travellers… oops. We did make it in the end though (I can’t take credit) and wasted no time taking full advantage by blessing everyone with the likes of Celine Dion, Adele, Ed Sheeran and Aerosmith.

Day two we took it slower, starting off with a Costa brekkie then a float in the Szechenyi Thermal Baths along with half the population of Budapest. As overpriced and over populated as it was, it was still pretty great. We hit our 2 hour re-sunscreen time and decided to take it as an opportunity to dry off and head to lunch to bloat our bellies with burgers. Parting ways with the girls I checkout Hero Square and stumbled upon a medieval market place where I bought some more chocolate… it was here where I started to gain an insight into why when I introduce myself a fellow busabouter they responsded with ‘oh you’re the girl addicted to chocolate’… uncalled for?? Yeah okay, probably not. Especially since I’ve taken up the personal challenge of trying every flavour of Milka chocolate blocks.

Anyways back to Budapest… after having the best lemonades ever on day one I was keen to try more of the flavours. With elderflower, grape and raspberry down I still had to knock off strawberry and passionfruit. As I stepped my merry self into the bar then there was a 30 second leeway before a massive rainstorm broke out, leaving my lemonade buddy stranded under cover a 1km away. So I made friends with a group of guys on a bux party, which sounds random though budapest is bux/hens party central, they were actually everywhere. Making a break for it as soon as the rain calmed, as I was in search of something quick to eat during the rain intermission I found myself in a CAT CAFÉ!! It was super chill and therapeutic. Alice joined me for a cat-ch up and then dinner at the Thai restaurant.

Quick tips:

  • To do: The bath was super touristy but for good reason as they were just as it was pretty and enjoyable
  • Food: I just realised that I didn’t actually eat any Hungarian food while I was there, my bad. But the cat café was great! Go there. there is also a zoo cafe that I missed out on.
  • Drink: heaps of the bars and cafes had such an awesome selection of lemonades… highly recommend

Next Stop: Split, Croatia

Annie Charlotte xx

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