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Well and truly over a month of travelling and hitting the hotter weather, I finally got to the see the sea. I took full advantage by hitting up two of the beaches around town (one was an accident but we won’t let on to that) after an 8km walk (or you could say an 8km confused and lost stroll) up and back down from the Marjan park view point.

Split did not live up to its name as it was all about reconnections here for me. Firstly through a bit of snap stalking it was discovered that myself and some girls I met in Krakow on the pub crawl were in the same town, so we joined up and spent the afternoon beaching it on the pebbles of Obojena Svjetlost beach, after my very quick visit to Bene Beach. Such an awesome co-incidence and was amazing to see the girls again as we didn’t really get to say goodbye the first time round, but this wasn’t the only reunion.

Changing pace for day two with a tour out to a national park. Having explored the main sights of Split on the first day roaming through the Diocletian Palace and very happening old town, then to some of the Game of Thrones scene settings and adventuring Majran hill, I decided last minute that I would take the 3.5hr trek out to Plitvicka national park on a tour with a group of about 14 people. Now if we think back to my Lon-done post I made a little shout out to the guy that bought me a sandwich after my tragic series of unfortunate events… well you’ll never guess who was on the same tour?!! …. If you didn’t get it already it was Jay and his girlfriend Olivia. So either a crazy crazy con-incidence or the universe really wanted me to pay him back. Either way it was awesome.

Now I know that I did just skim over that I visited Plitvicka National Park, so lets go back to that. First and foremost… it was incredible! With waterfalls on waterfalls on bright green algae with crystal clear blue water… just wow! The park is very understandably UNESCO heritage listed so you can’t swim or touch anything although it doesn’t take a single thing away from the experience… and plus it was kinda cold there, which was to my surprise so I had completely under-dressed in shorts and a singlet though luckily the tour guide had bright yellow spray jackets for everyone. Now, I definitely didn’t destroy any of the parks heritage by swimming, but I’m sure as sally ruined a hell of a lot of scenic selfies with my bright yellow self in the background. Following the park along the wooden platforms suspended over the water and then ferrying from one side to the other there were endless photo opportunities, so of course Jay, Olivia and I thought we’d get a family photo. Its just that girl taking the picture did not agree and apparently only wanted Jay and Olivia in the polaroid shot so cut me out all together which it made for a good laugh but a terrible photo!

Split Tips

  • To do: Marjan Hill was pretty awesome for getting away from the business of the cities, and plitvicka although it was trek it was worth it. If you aren’t down for that though there is also Krka which is closer and you can swim there.
  • Eat: Seafood is the taste of the day… for obvious reason, as the main strip of split is right on the water
  • Drink: Ghetto Bar is a really cool ruin bar in the palace walls.


Next Stop: Venice, Italy

Annie Charlotte xx

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