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Is there a better way to start a new city then by starting up the dance floor? (The answer is no). I’ll admit that I have stolen Danielle’s signature move of the worm and since then I have set and accepted the challenge of worming on every dance floor that I grace with my presence… so far so good. First night in Venice was a masquerade night, which was fitting because something that I probably should have known but didn’t was that Venice was very in to the whole mask wearing trend back in the day.

Challenge two for Venice was the get lost there. Which is super easy to do, so not much of a challenge really I guess. The streets are designed as sort of a maze so that if they were ever under attack the locals could find there way out and the intruders would get stuck in the streets. I roamed the streets and gondala’d the canals with Tess, Sophie, Alex and Matt. Hitting up the main sights both intentionally and obliviously. Alex was keen to find the ‘Bridge of Sighs’ although turns out we’d already been by there and I’d already taken a few selfie’s with the ‘cool archway’ #cultured. One sight we didn’t miss though was St Marcs which was absolutely stunning. Wrapping up the very nice day in Venice having Gnocchi and a Spritz with Tess… and then getting our legs splashed by a gross, thick red liquid that we still have no idea where or what it came from.

Day two was all about the islands sounding Venice city. Tess and I ferried our way out to Burano and Torcello, we were meant to hit a few more although our poor time management skills didn’t allow for that. Burano though, was amazing and this is were we really got side tracked, with all of the colourful houses and then by our food coma after the pasta lunch. Torcello was much smaller so we spent a whole 20mins fast walking to the end of the main strip and back so we would be back in time for the bus… which we missed. Its okay though because we super sneakily changed the time on our ticket and got on the next one. Making it home in time for a frolic in the hostel pool and then a second pasta/pizza fix for that day meeting back up with Alex, Soph and Matt again.

Oh also, I learnt a lesson in Venice. Night two as I was getting carried away on the dance floor, Tess and I got a little to trusting leaving our bags on the table next to us so we could have full movement from both arms. We turned around to find our babies missing with wallets, phones and all… in the end it was okay because it was just someone that was a little too nice and collected our bags to hand in to the bar thinking someone had left them behind… but touché guardian angel, I wont be doing that again.

Annie Says:

  • To do: Islands? Under-rated. Gondolas? Over-rated.
  • Picking Gelataria’s: So it’s a fine art picking gelato. You need to look for place where the gelato is in stainless steel containers, isn’t piled up (otherwise it could be old) and then you take note of the banana and pistachio flavours because they should be poo-y greens/browns colours rather than bright green or yellow… good luck
  • Drink: Spritz is a orange cocktail-ly drink that’s pretty sweet and refreshing.


Next stop: Rome, then on to southern of Italy on an Italian Adventure

Annie Charlotte xx


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