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Hey Hey

Straight from Venice and into the south of Italy on an Italian Adventure, and boy did I get just that. Embarking on my first tour of my trip, from Rome to Sorrento, Capri and back via the Amalfi coast. Seriously, some of the best days of my life, starting off with a visit to Pompeii to walk through the ruins of ancient roman streets. Which left me baffled, like really, I don’t know what has happened to humans although the romans were so innovative and clever, then today I managed to undo the shoelace of one foot by stepping on it with my other foot… yeah!

Pompeii was every bit historical as it was ridiculously incredible. Thanks to the volcanic ash that covered everything, the city it is preserved almost perfectly, human remains and all. As tragic as this event was, the silver lining is that we have been able to learn a heck of a lot about roman culture through the ruins. From Pompeii ruins we headed down into the Pompeii market square for a margherita pizza and my first (defs not last) taste of granita, which is a slushie but with fresher flavours like lemon and watermelon as opposed to usual coke or raspberry. Then it was off to Sorrento.

Starting the Sorrento off with a stop at Tony’s Limencello Shop. We were in for a serenade of ‘that’s amore’ by Tony himself, a taste of some lemon chocolates and obviously a taste of the homemade Limencello… which is great, if your into drinking straight metho, otherwise it’s just gives a sour lemony burn as it moves on trough your system. With everyone fresh after our throat peels we headed out into the Sorrento streets and down to the lookout point to check out the sunset. After a few selfies we made our way to our Italian style dinner, meaning 5 courses.

Starting off with an appetiser of grilled vegetables. Following up with first course of pasta that would have been plenty on its own, then a main course of fried squid, followed by a desert taster plate with four deserts that were just as alcoholic as any hard shot and then to help with our digestion… another limencello. Sooo much good food but oh my gosh so much food in general. We headed to the bar afterwards, although our food comas set in pretty quickly and we were all in bed early to prepare us for the next day.

Thank gosh we were all well rested as day two we were off to the island of Capri which was absolutely hands down the highlight of my trip so far. Our tour guide was an absolute legend and hit us up with the best recommendations of how to spend our day… so here’s a little gist of it:

  • Head to the little sandwich shop for a prosciutto and cheese roll to save for later
  • Get a group and catch a taxi up to the Blue Grotto
  • Make your way down the stairs to the wooden boats for blue grotto entrance
  • After which catch the bus from grotto into Anacapri to head up the chairlift to the lookout point
  • Make your way back down to Capri for a gelato and a swim in the beach

So yeah that all sounds pretty standard tourist, hey? WELL IT IS WASN’T IT WAS NEXT LEVEL AMAZE-BALLS. First of all the sandwich was enough to feed three of me… I had the one sandwich for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Then the taxi ride was insane with a driver who obviously had no regard for human life, proven by the way he sped through the crazy windy and super thin streets while pumping his music and yelling at the people in his way… It was incredible.

Now Blue Grotto took it up another notch. Despite spending 1.5hrs in line for a dingy into the cave it was super worth it. Entering into the cave through the 1m wide hole in the cliff wall in a four person dingy to find ourselves a world of blue. The water was so nice and extremely salty… not that I would because it’s illegal to swim in there, like come on?! I definitely didn’t slip the rower a tip to let me swim?! That’s crazy talk! Anyways somehow we ended up walking back up the stairs dripping wet, in kind of weird sort of walk of shame, but my excitement and love for Capri was very real.

With our bottoms wets and smiles wide we piled into the bus to Anacapri to head up the chairlift for a killer view. A quick dip and a gelato later we were back on the ferry winding down after all the excitement… or that’s what we thought, there was one more stand out moment of the day to come. So the taxi was awesome, blue grotto was great, the view was incredible but my oh my nothing could top seeing Susie getting singled out and slapped by a massive wave that came over the front of the ferry. Oh it was perfect, maybe you had to be there but wow it was great.

On the tail end of our adventure there were still a few highlights. Ending our time in Sorrento with a Nutella crepe dinner to then stumble across a jewellery shop were everything is hand made and locally sourced by the ladies of Sorrento. Last we winded through the Amalfi coast with a fruit break in Positano, a Sfogliatelle pastry and beach stop in Almafi and pulling up for a sandwich in Ravello.

I know that was a long one guys though south Italy is worth it… props to you if you read the whole post, I’m proud of you and I hope you’re inspired to go on pursuit of your own Italian adventure.


  • I think I’ve said enough, don’t you?
  • (But if you’re interested the tour was ‘Italian Adventure’ through Busabout)


Next stop: Rome, Italy

Annie Charlotte xx

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