#Roamin’ (or is it spelt Roman?)

Hey Hey

So Rome wasn’t built in a day, although if you’re short for time and verging on psychotic you can try and see it one. Turns out I fit that criteria.

There is SO much to see in Rome and to make it harder on the ‘inner tourist’ they chucked another country in the middle of town, so you have to check the Vatican out as well. Rising with the sun (that’s an exaggeration as the sun rises reeaally early in Europe) Alana and I were off to the Trevi fountain first to tick off the ‘throwing the coin’ deal… which we both did incorrectly because you’re meant to through it with the left hand over the right shoulder or something like that, although we were too focused on getting a good boomerang to realise our error. Although we did do the impossible and get a solo photo in front of the fountain! Which actually puts us at tourist level: Ninja.

Next up was the Pantheon. Now entering into any roman architecture there is always one very prominent thought that comes to mind… HOW?! It’s amazing the things they could do and this thought was further provoked in our next locations of the Roman Forum/Palatine Hill. We managed to explore roman forum  before 10am so we were pretty sweet with having a limited number of tourists. Although come 10am and people literally just start coming from every direction. HOT TIP: If you ever want to feel like Simba in the stampede just go to any major tourist attraction in Rome between 10am and 4pm and you’ll come pretty close.

Now as we continued on walking through Rome, quite a large old building caught my attention. I turned to my travel companion with a ‘that’s looks important!’ … turns out I was right, it was the Colosseum! Please note that main part of that sentience is that I was right… not that I was too dumb to recognise the colosseum. So in we went to take part in the modern day colosseum battle, where by you fight your way through crowds in an ‘every man for themselves’ sort of fashion, jumping small children and fending off selfie sticks in order to get a good photo. In the end we were successful, though exhausted, and then despite the ridiculous heat we made it through an awesome pizza/pasta lunch.

After lunch I ventured off on my own to check out Vatican City. Which was beautiful, though by this stage I was pretty drained from touristing so I worked my way through the museum pretty quickly and then on the cathedral. All of which is ridiculously intricate and impressive from the main museum, to the apartments, the Sistine Chapel and of course St Peters Cathedral. Its all just too amazing to even question and quickly turned my ‘How?!’ to a ‘wow?!’. I took advantage of my dropped jaw and filled my open mouth with Gelato from ‘Old Bridge’ just outside the city walls… hands down the best gelato I’ve had in Italy and made for a perfect end to the jam packed and sweaty day spent #roamin’ Rome. For the cherry on top of the evening I headed back to the hostel for a swim with Alana, Matt and Bianca for our last catch up before we all split ways.

Tips for Rome in a day:

  • Don’t do it… not gonna lie by the end the day from the mix of thousands of tourists, the heat and being hungry had me pretty agitated.
  • Food: get gelato from old bridge for sure! Don’t be turned off by the line because its there for a reason.
  • Feeling sneaky? for a short cut from Sistine Chapel to St Peters cathedral, as you go to exit through the back of the chapel you can tag onto the end of a tour group and take the right hand side exit for ‘groups only’ which leads you to the cathedral, rather than the left hand side exit which takes you back outside the city walls meaning you have to hike it all the way back around and stand in line again to get to the cathedral.


Next stop: Cinque Terre Via La Spezia, Italy

Annie Charlotte xx

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