Quick stop in Florence, Italy

Hey Hey

Making my way up to La Spezia I had an over nighter in Florence. With only 14 hours to see the town I ventured off on a walking tour which took us through the city centre and left us at a Florentine Leather shop. We got a very hilarious demonstration from one of the workers and made our way through to see all the goods and spend all my money but I just couldn’t help myself.

Then it was off to dinner where I definitely could help myself… to a hell of a lot of food. Now, I got REALLY adventurous! Because, what I can only describe as ‘the demon voice inside of my head’ told me “maybe you should try tomato again, you might like it” … I was like “you know what little demon, maybe you’re right?!”… HE WASN’T! I should have known, after the time he convinced me to eat eggplant. I don’t why I listen. Anyway moving on very quickly from the dirty tomato, we continued on to have a much better tasting pasta and then a giant plate of meat and potato. With our bellies full as full… we then had ice cream. Out and about for walk along the river and back through the city we were off hit the karaoke bar… and yep that’s it, the end I’m pretty sure.

Okay lets pretend that wasn’t the the end, just for fun. If for some reason there was more to tell it definitely wouldn’t be that I sang Katy Perry’s ‘I kissed a girl’ with Sahn, or that I closed the night with the worm at the bar, and I definitely didn’t stop a whole group guys (that I thought was 1 guy originally) at the entrance so that they wouldn’t get in the worm zone, making an unintentional crowd. But yeah as I said, there was nothing left to say. So we trotted off home and I was up early and on the bus to La Spezia.


  • To do: if you don’t go to ‘Red Garter’ you doing something wrong… such a good karaoke bar.
  • Food: TBH I only ate one meal and it was at red garter also… you could probs do better really.
  • Drink: yeah I got nothing for ya, sorry about that.

Next Stop: La Spezia and Clinque Terre, Italy

Annie Charlotte xx

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