Cya Lauter(Brunnen)

Hey Hey

Passing on in to Switzerland, the country that is as beautiful as it is expensive. They are sneaky though because they make their money so colourful and pretty that it’s almost fun to spend. Despite it’s high prices it is very much worth every florally franc.

I set up camp in the town of Lauterbrunnen which is just down from Jungfrau summit, aka the top of Europe. The mountain of Jungfrau aka ‘little girl’ is in part of tri-series along with ‘Monk’ and the ‘ogre’ all with matching snow caps and all surrounding the little villages and contributing to multiple glacial waterfalls. Now, I don’t know if you’ve seen a waterfall coming off of a glacier before buuuut oh my gosh they are powerful! I went and checked out Trummelbach falls, they were absolutely insane. They were smashing down through the mountains with so much force they had completely smoothed off all of the walls, not to mention the rainbows it created all through out the caves and as you would expect the water spray was just off freezing (literally), but it was surprisingly warm out so that was welcome.

As I said, I was at the base of the top of Europe (thats a mouth full)… and ill admit that I did not make it to the summit. I got the flu so I wasn’t to keen to go off gallivanting through the snow, nor did have any brews for the same reason, although it didn’t stop me from gracing the ‘bomb shelter’ with my worm. I don’t know if you picked this up but the bar, actually ‘bar’ isn’t really the right word, maybe we will go for a ‘den full of sweaty alcoholics’..? yeah that suits. Anyways, it used to be a bomb shelter, also if you didn’t catch on the Swiss are super imaginative when it comes to naming things, bet you can’t guess what a Swiss army knife is.. go on try!

Now, I know I didn’t make to view Switzerland from it’s highest point although I did get an exclusive view while I paraglide for the first time. Paragliding was super chill, plus it provided an incredibly beautiful look out over Interlaken and its blue lakes. I stuck with the outdoorsy theme after and spent the rest of the morning on a tree climbing course testing my co-ordination and arm muscles way more than I have in a while.


  • Activities: there are so many outdoorsy activities. Even just going for a walk is so amazing because of the ridiculous beauty that is literally EVERYWHERE.
  • Food: there was a local dish called a rosti which is like a potato hash brown loaded with a heap of topping… understandably delicious

Next Stop: Nice, France

Annie Charlotte xx

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