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We are down to the final three countries now. A little bitter sweet as I get closer to the end of my trip, obviously I want to travel the world forever because it’s a great life, though at the same time I am super keen for some proper food and not having to wear thongs* in the shower… and of course I wanna see all my home bodies. Anyways I headed into France to check out Avignon and Nice.

Avignon was first up with a quick two night/one day stop. Known for it’s lavender, Avignon as a whole was as great as it smelt. A little less popular tourist wise for reasons I’ll never understand, but that just means less crowds to take it all in, it’s absolutely gorgeous with its beautiful old town contained in the city walls. Everything is on point, although there is a bridge that doesn’t really get you anywhere.. literally, because it ends half way across the river. It wasn’t built that way, though it was knocked down in a flood (not ideal for a bridge) and I guess they like the charm of having a half bridge, so they never fixed it. Oh and I have very exciting news to tell…. I finally had access to washing machine and a kitchen for the first time in a very long while. As nice as Avignon was it was time to move onto to Nice.

Nice is was sooo nice… yeah heaps original joke Annie, Good one! Seriously though, I had an awesome time. The first of my two days I explored the city, got my photo with the ‘#I Love Nice’ sign, then made my way through the beaches and lookouts. Making it hard on myself by roaming up and down the gardens of Parc De La Colline Du Chateau, where the amount of stairs was just as excessive as the name. I wrapped up the day with dinner at ‘Papa You’ café.

Now, I’ve gotten pretty used to eating on own, and thank gosh I have. When the waiter took my order he ended with “is that all? .. oh wait it’s just you” and awkwardly scurried off… hmm good fish and chips though. Nice is also home to a giant gelato place in the centre of old town, it had the most amount of gelato flavours I have ever seen in one place. It was crazy, I had a crack at lavender and rose which was super delicious although weird to be eating a scent!

Day two was pretty special because I got to do something super different and took part in the free yoga festival. Good news: it was free… Bad news: it was on top of the chateau, so back up the stairs I went, twice! So for once I did proper exercise in the Lorna Janes I’ve been rocking my entire trip. It was super fun! I did the 1.5hr morning session and worked out that I’m not all that bad at this yoga thing, I guess it helps that I danced for so long but that was a neat discovery. That was just the morning though because the afternoon I ticked off a whole another country by busing it out to Monaco with Marina.

I guess my mum was right when she said that you can’t say ‘she’ll be right’ to everything, because that’s exactly what we did instead of planning… and turns out that there aren’t many buses running between places on a Sunday. It wasn’t too bad at first, we did have to wait an hour for the bus out the medieval village of Eze, but that was okay. We made it eventually. We roamed around Eze for about an hour, had some over priced gelato and took some pictures as we searched desperately for a view of the water front but we were unsuccessful… unless you count quickly running out onto the highway bridge and back again. All Eze’d out we were set to move on to Monaco and quickly realised that busing it there was not an option, so we adopted two more people from the bus shelter and called on an Uber. Being on our way to one of the richest countries in the world we should have expected our Uber driver to be suited up and driving a Mercedes Benz… but we didn’t. I also didn’t expect the option of Uber Helicopter as I signed into the app… ahhh I can’t wait until I’m rich, it’s gonna be great.

Monaco was REALLY good at one thing… that being the very unsubtle reminder of how poor I am in comparison to the locals. First up we checked out the casino… (just the outside obviously) then down to the yacht pier where the second richest man in Europe dock’s his GIANT yacht, and then through the streets checking out all the ridiculously expensive looking cars. Marina and I parted ways and I headed back to Nice early with the intention of going back to the yoga festival, although it was crazy windy so I didn’t bother and headed for more food/ice-cream instead, to then link back up with a few girls and head out to the local ‘Wayne’s bar’ which is known for its live music and table dancing, so obviously it was a lot of fun. I put my French adventure on hold to pick back up again in once I make it to Paris, but not without venturing through Spain and Portugal first.

Nice Tips:

  • To Do: Nice is super cute… you’ll find something to do. Plus, there’s a heap of day trips you can take (I did Eze and Monaco… obviously)
  • Food: Old town is where it’s at, and it has a heap of gelato so its super sweet
  • Monaco: If you ever need to lower you self-esteem this is a great place to visit. Though, if I’m super savagely honest the scenery and architecture was very much underwhelming, they should really being looking a lot flasher for the amount of money that’s around.


Next Stop: Barcelona, Spain

Annie Charlotte xx

*As in the footwear, not the bum-neglecting underwear


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