Portu-Gals (and one boy)

Hey Hey

After a very quick stop in Salamanca for a croissant then staight on to Portugal, with Porto as my first stop. Still fighting the flu (or whatever it was) I extended my nights here from 2 to 4 so I could spend the first day asleep, which was extremely effective and put me well on the way to recovery. I spent the next morning walking around Porto then up to and across one of the many bridges into the Gaia for lunch with three other busabouters Lindsay, Georgia and Greg.

Unfortunately Porto will not be a place that I remember for good food, as I hadn’t been too lucky. First bad experience was just that I didn’t like the meal, I’m pretty fussy to be fair though. I’d had the famous local francesinha sandwich which was a pile mystery meat, bread and cheese swimming in a weird reddish sauce. Second was probably more of language barrier issue and the third time was a mouldy cheese saga… not ideal. Although after all this I was determined to find some higher food standards, and I was very successful! I found a place called “Porto Fries”, and as you can tell from the name they pretty well just had fries… No complaints from me! AND I found a Nutella café! In fact I liked these places so much that they became my go to, I maybe even became a little too familiar as the guy at the fries shop said to me “you’ve been here before? Yes? A few times!” Well yes, yes I had been ‘a few’ times …I’m just thankful that the Nutella place had a faster roll over of staff.

After my first group of friends had moved on, I met two more lovely girls Emma and Laura, and spent the rest of my Portugal time with them. Starting off with dinner so the girl could have their crack at the heart attack sandwich. Then on into the next day where we explored the streets and churches, took plenty of pictures, sticky beaked on a wedding and went on a bit of market crawl around town looking through tonnes of little pieces of jewellery and other hand made treasures. And of course I shared with them my find of the Nutella and fries joints. To top it off we headed out for some sangrias, and a dance along R. de Candido dos Reis and Galeria de Paris which are two streets full of night clubs.

I ticked off my worm early on in a low-key bar, making us some South African friends in the process, who were all sitting at the neighbouring table. Through our discussions they confessed to their love to the show “bondi Rescue”. I was shocked that it made out side at all and they were very excited that the show is still kicking on as the 2009 episodes are the ones airing their at the moment, so they will have years of entertainment set up. Laura and I continued on making our way through the bars and it was on the dance floor that we met the liveliest grand parents ever and became very good acquaintances with them and their grand children. I won’t lie, we did head home before the grand ma and pa did… yeah, they were very active elderly people!

The finish off my time in porto I headed out for a quick lunch… obviously to the fries place followed by the Nutella place and was back to bus ready to discover more of Portugal.


  • Well I’m not going to say my favourite food venues again, I think you’ve had enough of that…. so I’ll sing them*: Portooo Friiieees and Nuuu-tella place down the roooaad!!

Next Stop: Lisbon with a day trip to Sintra, Portugal

Annie Charlotte xx

*you’ll have to invent the tune yourself

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