About Me

Hey hey

I’m Annie, a 22 year old from rural Australia with an overwhelming urge to explore as many places and meet as many new faces as I can (I also rhyme). By day I’m an Oral Health Therapist (10 points to Gryffindor if you know what that means) and by night, well I’m an Oral Health Therapist that surfs the Internet in search of new adventures and cat videos.

Five quick facts about me:

I’m a crazy tea enthusiast and love chocolate; I danced from age 6-16; I’m very indecisive, ahh actually not I’m not… yeah no I am; I love kids movies; and I’m very easily distracted.

So I started Wanderer From Aus as a domain to share my explorations, travel plans, meet and greets and random insights, although I’d love love LOVE to get to know about you and to hear your stories. So please leave a comment or shoot me an email and introduce yourself.

Ps if you’d like to give me a bit more of a stalk check out my blog posts or head over to my instagram for all the goods.

It was lovely to meet you.

Annie Charlotte xx