Hey Hey Lets get straight into like I did with Munich. Off the coach and straight into one of the many Augustiner Beer Halls for a bratwurst and beer. I had a Weissbier which is a wheat beer and I actually enjoyed it, it was a bit different tasting to the traditional beer flavour thankfully. … Continue reading MUNIQUE


Hey Hey Lets start with a “what happens in Amsterdam stays in Amsterdam”. Now, if that's the case then I didn’t really leave much behind. In a city full of not legal although not really frowned upon activities that the rest of the world seems to be a little prudish towards, I was very innocent. … Continue reading AmsterDamn


Hey Hey Out of UK in a bus, inside a train, inside the channel… yeah not what I expected when the bus driver said we would be getting on the train. Anyway a 6 hour bus journey later we were in Bruges, Belgium. A picturesque little town composed of cobble stoned streets, water canals and … Continue reading Belgyum


Hey Hey So if you’re connected to me on any social media accounts you might have worked out that I’ve hit the European continent, from my very subtle 500 photo/video drops. I’m not even sorry for the spam. I kicked off my trip with a not so smooth flight to London, and a 12hr stop … Continue reading Lon-done